Usage Guide

Explain using a videosep platform

Explain the use of two sites

The best profit company from the Internet is expressing that you publish content or upload videos and songs and so you win on watching without conditions we are the best alternative company YouTube to work for us without conditions

We are like youTube we have prizes for me not content in our videosep platform

How do you profit from a step-by-step videosep platform?

Create an account in a platform videosep


it contains every thousand views it earns $2 this price changes every period and increases and decreases by default

Follow the next steps activate ads on your videos

Liquefaction settings

The most important thing is to activate the option of running ads on your own video this is an option that appears in the profit on each view must be active shape right green

Secondly, the most important thing that must be done is to fix a complete account, such as your name, age, channel photos, payment account, and description of a channel that must do everything required of you exactly that there is no problem with your account, follow the next steps Ga


How do you upload your videos to achieve the achievement ?


How do I know how to win my own?



How do you pull me out of your profit?

1- My ear limit is a $100 draw.

2- The available payment method is PayPal and the transfer of an infer another payment method in the future

3- Your payment is sent on a new 30 months






He has finished everything.

Support team videosep